North America gets upgraded to BlackBerry Internet Service 2.3

June 3, 2007 | By | 2 Comments

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It seems that all accounts we’re upgraded to BlackBerry Internet Service 2.3 yesterday. We have confirmed via Telus Mobility that RIM upgraded to BIS 2.3 and now supports new features. New features included:

  • Added support for Gmail and Yahoo! mail accounts – Two-way, synchronization of deletes to and from the Yahoo! Mail® inbox, as well as two-way, virtual real-time, synchronization of message status (read/unread), Virtual real-time delivery of Gmail messages.
  • Auto fowarding – Copies of email messages that are sent to a clients’ TELUS BlackBerry email address (i.e. ) can be automatically forwarded to another third-party web mail account (such s Yahoo! Mail or Google Mail).
  • Attachment viewing – View popular attachment formats on the move, including JPEG, BMP, TIFF, RTF, Microsoft® Word, Excel and PowerPoint®, Corel WordPerfect and Adobe PDF. PowerPoint presentations and PDFs can be viewed in a convenient slideshow format.

From the Telus internal memo:

How to get it

a) New BlackBerry devices
Starting June 2, 2007 all new BlackBerry devices will come with BIS v2.3 features.

b) Upgrading existing clients from BIS 2.1 clients to BIS 2.3
If a client is on BIS 2.1 they will automatically be upgraded to BIS 2.3 on June 2 – no
action is required.

c) Upgrading existing clients from BIS 1.8 clients to BIS 2.3
If a client is on BIS 1.8 they need to log onto their BIS account by visiting and accept the invitation to upgrade to BIS

Note: Clients can check what version of BIS they have by logging onto the BIS site.
If they are on 1.8 there will be a message asking them to upgrade to 2.3. If they are
in 2.1 or 2.3 there won’t be any message.

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