Skype for your BlackBerry is now here!

May 8, 2007 | By | 15 Comments

Skype Logo

Shape Services, creator of IM+ a universal instant messaging program for your BlackBerry has introduced a Skype application today at WES (Wireless Enterprise Symposium). Skype allows you to chat or call your contacts worldwide using data instead of your carriers heavy long distance pricing. Long distance rates do apply when using Skype however they are a lot less. You can obtain a free 7 day trial from Shape Services or purchase it for only $25 USD. Details can be found here.

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  • Nader Sherif

    I just need to ask if your application (Skype for Blackberry) working with Blackberry STORM or not?

    Thx & Regards  

  • Dinesh Sanghi

    Ditto Nader’s question. – I need Skype for my Blackberry Storm – Where do I download it from and how effective is it?!?

  • Mod

    I need to download skype
    For my blackberry storm?
    Where and how?

  • Dave

    I need Skype software for my storm. Same as these guys. Thanx.

  • http://skype? Yelena

    I need the same thing as the otheres… skype for my blackberry storm… how affective is it and how it works?

  • shiv

    hi guys
    try iskoot for skype i have downloaded it and it works good for me
    i have blackberry storm
    you can google it out “iskoot”

  • Stormer

    Is there a skype for Storm? Obviously we need it badly.

  • Nadim

    need to know where to download skype for blackberry storm. is iskoot a good option


  • KB

    I’ve installed & uninstalled iSkoot several times tonight, It does not work. Is there any other download? One that works better.

    Thank You!

  • Keith

    iSkoot just ports skype over a dial in phone number leaving you with per minute usage from your carrier.

    What I want to know is does this app work the same way or is it really using the data network for the call?

  • Keith

    There is a true Skype Beta floating around but I’ve only heard of it not working and locking and looping storms

  • http://none mrlove

    I just downloaded skype to my cell but it only does IM it doesnt do voice calls… so dont download it.

  • http://none mrlove

    yes i have blackberry storm.

  • TJ

    I also downloaded Iskoot for skype. First of all there is no specific option for blackberry storm, so I downloaded the application for blackberry Bold 9000. The application did not respond to any inputs from the keypad except “cancel”. I therefore could not sign in as required once the application has been installed in the blackberry. I uninstalled it and re-installed and nothing changed. so I removed it from my blackberry for good. Far too much hassle for what it’s worth!

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